Meet Your Ranch Hands


It all started after the September 11th 2001 tragedy. We were supposed to take our first European vacation but decided we did not want to leave the United States. Jim had his own millwork company in the San Francisco Bay Area and Christine was a Registered Dental Hygienist in the East Bay. Being stuck overseas was not an option. So they decided to borrow a buddy’s home in Montana near Flathead Lake and spend their vacation there. And the rest is history……

We fell in love with Montana and the relaxed lifestyle it has to offer. So we purchased our home and property in Eureka in January 2002 as a vacation destination with the hopes of retiring there in the future. That first spring the grasses in the pasture lands were prolific and impossible to manage. We worried about fire danger so we decided we needed grazing animals to help. Since we did not live here full time we needed a herd that could take care of themselves especially in the winter. Jim got the hair brained idea to raise buffalo. Buffalo have been roaming the wild for hundreds of years even in harsh climate. So we purchased our first 5 in 2003. Then we slowly acquired more animals. Then they started reproducing. So that’s how we got into the buffalo business.

Jim has always enjoyed shooting and hunting. So in 2010 we signed up for a Defensive Handgun Course outside of Las Vegas. We spent 5 days in 100 plus degree weather shooting every day. We voted that experience as our favorite adventure that year. The only negative was that it was it was in the middle of the desert, hot and dusty, with outhouses for the restrooms. So we decided to create our own shooting range so we could continue the fun. We purchased the same Safe Steel Reactive Targets and some new designs.

In 2013 we both decided it was time to retire and live full time on our ranch. As our days go by and we get to revel in all that this area has to offer we realized we’d love to share this adventure with others.

We invite you to come and enjoy your own experience with us!

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